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Erris Eye publication - Topic - Meditation

Posted on: Monday, February 03, 2020

Why do we meditate? People say it's a good idea and that it's good for you.

Sometimes people use it to escape or try to reduce stress. Sometimes, if we know that we are going to be busy in the day ahead or days ahead, it can be a good idea to try and get some stillness into our bodies before we have all that busy.

It's like filling up our tank before we use it. So why would we do this? Well, often our feelings of stress and anxiety come from constant speculative thought. Sometimes when we experience anxiety, stress or depression, it can be due to a few annoying thoughts. None of us can really escape this. The answer to over thinking is not more thinking.

It is the ability to stop thinking right in the middle of the muddle. This is where meditation is helpful. Some common misconceptions are that it is easy or peaceful and you should be able to turn your mind off. The human mind does not turn off but with meditation practice, it might be able to put some spaciousness in between those thoughts.

This might even lead to you having an extra second or 2 to respond to things when your anger responses have been triggered. To be clear mediate does not cure conditions like anxiety, stress or depression. Meditation is like sitting in front of a mirror and seeing your thoughts come up in front of you and dispite what we hear all around us in advertising there is no quick fix to healthy balanced mind and body. Instant transformation is usually a beginning of a sales pitch.

Suggestions for building a meditative practice.

1) Consistency for 30days
2) Same amount of time each day.
3) Set a timer
4) If it's really tough sit the time.
5) If you finding it easy sit the same time.

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